Emergency Care is the need of the day where a minute lost is a life lost. The Emergency Care Department deals with diagnosis, stabilization and management of acute events such as stroke, heart attack, road traffic accidents, choking, seizures, poisoning, insect bite, hanging, drowning etc. Here at Alphonsa Hospital, we give you the finest specialized Emergency Medicine Experts well equipped to deal with all medical and surgical emergencies including all paediatric emergencies. This specialty collaborates with other specialties to provide high quality care to acute patients.

Our facilities

    Procedures Undertaken

    Polytrauma management
    Eye, Ear, Nose, Throat Foreign body removal
    Airway stabilization – Endotracheal intubation, Emergency Tracheostomy
    Emergency Chest decompression/ Intercostal Drain insertion
    Ultrasound Pleural Fluid Drainage and Ascitic Fluid Drainage

Our Doctors


    Resident Medical Officer