Physiotherapy is a modern health care profession where a physiotherapist assess, plan, implement rehabilitation regime to improve (or) restore motor function therapy to maximize the movement ability, relieve pain syndromes, and treat (or) prevent physical challenges associated with injuries, disease and other impairments.

Our facilities

    Electro Therapy

    Electrical Stimulation
    Ultra Sound Therapy
    Traction(Pelvic and Cervical)
    Wax Therapy

    Manual Therapy

    Soft tissue techniques
    Joint Mobilization & Manual Tractions

    Therapeutic exercises

    Postural training
    Co – ordination & balance training
    Strength training Flexibility exercises
    Pre & post natal exercises
    Mobility & gait training Suspension Therapy

    Rehabilitation programme

    Musculo – skeletal & sports rehabilitation
    Neuro rehabilitation
    Cardiopulmonary rehabilitation
    Geriatric rehabilitation